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Friday, December 7, 2007

How to choose the right sports bra

More than 50% of women experience breast pain while exercising. Insufficient support is the likely cause. A recent study by researcher Joanna Scurr at the University of Portsmouth in England found that many bras fail to offer proper support because they do not adapt to side-to-side movement.

Scurr says inadequate research has contributed to the problem: "It is only recently that bra design has turned to science." Her study revealed that all women are susceptible to breast pain during exercise, regardless of cup size.

To help prevent pain, make sure you're wearing the right type of bra. "Our research has shown encapsulation sports bras to be more effective at reducing breast motion," Scurr says. That type of bra, she explains, has separate molded cups, in contrast toa compression bra, which flattens the breasts against the chest wall. Look for encapsulated sports bras online or at your local sporting goods store. Encapsulated sports bras with molded cups can curb pain.

Saturday, November 17, 2007 Sexy Lingerie and Bra

Sexy Lingerie Web nearly to complete, let all people can choose their right bras, underwears, top bras or some of sexy lingerie items.

And but the lingerie though internet good for saving time and you can see the model images, whose wearing the bras or all lingeries. It"s so attractive when you see different models wear the different sexy lingerie, and they can ship the products to your home.

This is a good way for you if you dont like to shopping.

Friday, November 9, 2007

蝙蝠俠現身 反轉中環

蝙蝠俠終於現身中環 !電影《蝙蝠俠黑夜之神昨日正式於中環擺花街進行首場拍攝,千呼萬喚始出來的「蝙蝠俠」主角基斯頓比爾終於現身中環,身穿黑色西裝、架起太陽眼鏡,與《衰鬼上帝》主角兼奧斯卡 最佳男配角摩根費曼拍攝對手戲,吸引逾四百名市民圍觀拍照,二百名臨時演員及過百名工作人員及警員維持秩序,場面熱鬧墟。到傍晚蝙蝠俠更現身中環國金二期天台一角,由直升機拍攝躍下前一刻場面。

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lingerie Okay ! We are Focus Studio !

Focus Studio, our 4 buddies team. We"ll touch maybe T-shirt, gift, online education, online death.
And my web site 28Lingerie also both started. Well ! I"m so excited !

This blog will offer some information about Lingeries, Bras, Underwears, something s like that. You can learn more about Sexy Lingerie and Bras.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Focus Group Coming On 8 Nov !

So Excited ! The 1st meeting of Focus group start in 8 Nov
I"m very happy that we create Focus Group with us.

Sexy Lingerie is my own building web site, and at the same time i trust a thing - If you just keep thinking, then you continue think. But if you change the mind, be a person (including mind & behavior), who you want to be. Do the difference thing, then you will know what is Success !

Finally, My web will offer more sexy bras or underwears for you.
And you will touch the fun-feeling in Hong Kong Lingerie


活著多好 ! 活著有多好 !

Hong Kong China - Bedminton Representative
Angel -You "re my Best Partner !
Your Leave the World already 4 Years But I dont forgot You !
在天之靈 保佑我們
We are the best of best ,okay ! Go to rest in peace !

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sexy Lingerie Web Coming Soon !

  • Honk Kong Internet Marketing Training

4-Days Full day training completed, I"m so happy meet yours !
28Lingerie web site is building now. Sexy Lingerie and Some Bras will show quickly.

Sexy Lingerie"s Blog will offer some ideas for choosing fit your size of Lingerie.
As Hong Kong ladies willing to buy the high price bra or underwear whichis suititable for them.

The follow youtube video is the 2nd day ,we win the Internet Marketing plan

Bernie is 1 of the Winner


另一個俾人話我地係安信兄弟既 朋友